Friday, May 16, 2008

Sleeping Pills

Do you know the feeling when you win a game, but you just don’t feel satisfied? You won, but you know you could’ve played more forcefully. You won, but only because your opponent blundered a piece. You won, but only because your opponent ran out of time.

I just won my fourth round game in the T4545 league tournament, but I don’t feel satisfied. My opponent blundered a knight early on, and the game just proceeded from there, slowly, boringly. After being up a piece, I just tried to trade down into a won endgame, and obviously my opponent was trying to avoid that. The end was very anti-climactic, he just ran out of time (I am not sure how someone can manage to run out of time with a 45 second increment – heck, just turn it into a blitz game at the end if you have to).

The game didn’t feel exciting at all, and I just know there had to be more forcing lines. I will go over the game this weekend, and I am sure I will find ways how I could’ve attacked more aggressively and ended the game on a more exciting note.

Oh well, a win is a win I guess.


drunknknite said...

Patzer BoyZ RULE! hehe

I'm currently arguing with my opponent about a time to play. But once that is resolved we will be one victory closer to the playoffs... Fucking Finnish people are stubborn...

I really want to drive to Fresno like in an hour and play that tournament. Last night I got my second draw in a row and I want blood. But it's a bad idea financially, I also have a lot to do this weekend. So... guess I'm going to have to take it out on BigH. That's going to be fun.

Good job on your game. I know how these unsatisfying wins go. If this motivates you to improve your technique then some good has come out of it.

Chessaholic said...

hehe yeah that team in particular seems to be stubborn, remember two weeks ago my opponent just forfeited the game...

Would've been fun to meet up for the tourney, I'm sure you'd have good chances at winning it. We'll have to meet up at some tourney soon for some chess, beer, and whatnot..

Good luck with BigH, kick his ass like last time!

wang said...

Hey man, a win is a win. I will tell you that I analyzed my win from the tourney last week and learned quite a bit from it, I got more insight into my current "new" opening the Reti.