Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm Not Dead

I just got home from some 10 days of travel. I didn't have any time to study or play during my trip, so now I'm really hungry for chess. I wish I could play in the National Open in Vegas this coming weekend, but something more important has come up. I envy drunknknite and whoever else will be at the chess festival... Oh well, maybe next time.

I'm planning a few more substantial posts, stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw we are paired for this week's LEPers tourney round. I am new to this and have no idea on how to contact you, so I hope this will work. I am busy on Tue and Thu. Other days should work for me. Feel free to contact me via the contact link on my site which should be OK to exch. email addresses without attracting too much spam... Otherwise I will check back here later today.

Chessaholic said...

hey sciurus,

how is wednesday evening around 7 PM PST for you?

Anonymous said...

Oh, good! Now I can swing by and kibitz the game.

Oh, and I'm glad you're not dead.

Anonymous said...

OK, Wed (today) at 7pm PST is fine with me. I will try to be there early since it has been a while since I played on FICS.
See you then!

Chessaholic said...

sciurus: sounds good. but not to worry, I am so out of shape chesswise that I probably won't be much of a challenge.

lep: yes, yes, the not-being-dead thing has its advantages.

BlunderProne said...

I've got a shirt that says the same thing as your title. Thanks for checking out my new line of geek apparel.