Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Books

The mailman just brought me two new books - Larry Christiansen's "Storming the Barricades" and Rowson's much praised "Chess for Zebras". I'll provide some thoughts on the books once I've taken a closer look.

Nothing like a nice Saturday afternoon with new additions to my chess library :)


Temposchlucker said...

Welcome aboard!

Chessaholic said...

Thanks Tempo! I've enjoyed reading your blog a lot. I'm looking forward to contributing some thoughts on all the great stuff you post.

Glenn Wilson said...

Welcome to the club!

Re: books. I used to have over 600 chess books but gave them most of them away after giving up the game. I'm back but with fewer books. :(

Since you play the KID, checkout the Moron Defense on my site:
(read from the oldest posts to the newest for best results).
It frequently transposes to a KID or Pirc but is valuable in its own right.

PCT: I am really liking this software. Don't worry if the combinations seem too easy, they will get harder and in the meantime drilling on easy mates, etc, is useful.

Chessaholic said...

Thanks Glenn!

Wow over 600 books? Now that's a chess library. Now you have a reason to buy more books to get up to that level again :)

Thanks for the link to the Moron Defense - love the name :) It looks unorthodox at first but seems quite interesting when you start digging into it. I'll play around with it this afternoon.

As far as PCT: I agree, the software is great, and it has one of the best GUI's of all tactics programs out there, IMHO.