Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anybody on Playchess?

It seems like many, if not most of the chess bloggers play on ICC or FICS. I don't have an account on either as I play on Playchess (got a year for free when I bought Fritz).

It would rock to play some slow games with fellow bloggers and maybe do some postmortems.(pretending we really know what we're doing...) If anybody reading this has a Playchess account and wants to kick my ass online, please let me know!


Ivan said...

Why don't you get a FICS account?

Chessaholic said...

iw: I guess I could, and probably will get a FICS account. Are there many slow games to be had on FICS?

I would still be interested to know who else might be on Playchess since that's where I spend most of my online time.

btw, just checked out your blog. good stuff, it's now on my sidebar :)