Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tournament of Lepers II, Round 1

I played Sciurus (of Squirrel Chess fame) in round one of the Tourney of Lepers. He's a really cool guy and seems to know his stuff, so we got into some funky Catalan that I had no clue how to play. I just pretended I knew what I was doing and made loud noises when I moved, I don't think he was able to hear me.

I just signed up for the chessflash player. Here's the game with limited analysis:


Glenn Wilson said...

Nice game. How severe was the time trouble at the end. He came soooo close to setting up a perpetual check...

I've added this game to the tournament book.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice annotation and sorry again for being late! I will post my own notes on my site soon, may be we can compare our impressions.

Glenn: I spend way too much time early in the game. I actually saw the splitseconds running down at one point but Chessaholic was being polite when he said that WE were in time trouble - his time management was better.

Chessaholic said...

Glenn: Thanks! Yeah I saw that he was close to getting a perpetual, but it was pretty easy to calculate that after 36...a2 he would remain one tempo away from the perpetual and I could force the issue with the promotion of my a-pawn. One minor point about the flash player that I am realizing now: This is just personal preference, but is there a way to make the reds frames around the last move a little more subtle? The red squares are a little too dominating/distracting for me on such a little board. Maybe it's just my old eyes :)

Sciurus: Thanks for the fun game, I think with a little more time on the clock you would've drawn the game, maybe even won with the extra pawn you get in the variation I give after move 29. I do need to be careful with moving too fast though, it's come back to bite me before.

Glenn Wilson said...

Chessaholic, There is not currently any way to adjust the highlights but I do intend to eventually add some user preferences. For move highlights there will probably be Highlights (like now), Arrows, Both and Neither as choices.

It may be awhile before I get around to it, though.

You can make the board bigger, though (if that helps). When you pick the publish options make the heigth bigger (probably 500 pixels would be good).

Polly said...

Glenn: I've been playing around with try to make the board bigger, but then the notes get cut off. I must have edited my last post about 10 times playing around with the sizing.

Unknown said...

HI chessaholic!!

i used to post my games using other pgn viewer, i would like to know whats the configuration you used to post yours games??? i have tried but the board is too small.
my web:


Chessaholic said...

Hi Arturo,

I simply use the default settings at It's a great player and really easy to use. Check it out and see if you can make it work :)

Chess igo said...

Hi Chessaholic & Glenn, is there a way to publish a game with an "autoplay" feature with chessflash?