Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chessbase 10

Damn you Chessbase! Why do you have to tempt me?

The folks from Germany just came out with a brand-spankin' new version of everybody's favorite toy. The article lists a bunch of new features in Chessbase 10:

• New integrated online database with millions of games, kept topical and up-to-date by ChessBase;
• split-second online search results (DSL);
• automatic update of your local reference database (Big or Mega) with the weekly instalments of games;
• display of games and moves with statistics in tree style;
• optional restriction to quality games in all searches;
• openings references include an overview of common variations;
• new search booster for super-fast results;
• openings books with instantaneous display of replies;
• fast-and-easy preparation for any specific players, with tree display and games;
• player dossier with improved openings references;
• direct access to the ICCF server for correspondence chess games;
• new engine functions, e.g. display of discarded lines;
• new functions for the chess server: e.g. online database accessible for kibitzers, ECO codes in the games lists, tactics training, full Chess 960 support.
• In addition: new look with high-resolution pieces, improved window management.

Must... resist...


likesforests said...

"Must... resist..."

My thoughts exactly! I'm going to hold out for as long as I can. But sooner or later Grandpatzer is going to publish some tutorial about an awesome new capability only in CB10 and I will cave in. ;)

Robert Pearson said...

I guess I'm just lucky that I never bought v.1-9 and now I can jump right in at 10! How did I get along without chessbase? Answer: Not so good.

Chessaholic said...

wahrheit: be careful, once you go down that road, there is no going back. Chessbase is like a black hole, it will consume you :)

Polly said...

Damn! I don't dare look at it. But then again, I've barely figured out 9, so the temptation may be easy to resist. Then agains maybe somebody will give it to me for Christmas again like how I got 9.

Our Sword said...

Hi, I just created a chess blog and posted a couple of my games (I'm an amateur). I'd appreciate if anyone has the time to maybe analyze and leave feedback about my play or my blog. Thanks.

Chessaholic said...

polly: yeah, there's still lots of stuff in CB 9 that I haven't fully figured out, so I think I'm going to hold off on CB 10 for quite a while...

rt solo: welcome to the blogosphere, I'll be sure to check out your blog.

Unknown said...

I'm getting CB10 for Christmas.... i had cb8, never upgraded. tried the competitor (you know who), it was buggy, and the interface was not user-friendly, i thought. So, it's back to Chessbase.

Anonymous said...

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