Sunday, April 27, 2008


Played my first round game in T37 of the T4545 league yesterday and won. Woohaa :) Here's the game:


wang said...

Good game. Congrats on the win. The reason that the King's Bishop is fianchettoed in these lines is that black's Q Bishop is a problem piece. It is often hard to find a role for it.

Whenever I face an opponent that doesn't fiancheto his K B I immediately fiancheto my B on b7, and proceed to exchange it for any other white piece. I would suggest that you go over a couple of Dutch games to see the benefit of g3 followed by Bg2.

Another reason for the fianchetto, is that most of Black's plans revolve around a K side attack. The white B gives more defensive support for the W K.

Chessaholic said...

Thanks wang! Hey, this was not a bad start for the Patzer Boyz :)

Thanks also for the pointers on the Dutch and the reasons behind g3. I haven't studied it much, but I will follow your suggestion and look at some games to see how that structure is best handled.

Banatt said...

I enjoyed going through that game, congratulations on the win.