Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weekend Tournament: Round 1

Here's my round 1 game from last weekend's tournament. I was black against what started out as a Grand Prix Attack. I didn't remember much so I deviated from the main line on move four. White didn't make it very hard on me though, it was a fairly straightforward win for me.


Sir Nemo said...

Very nice finish. As a Grand Prix player, I'd have to say that your opponent didn't really know what he was doing. I'm actually surprised at several of his moves, oh well. Great game and very nice finish!

Chessaholic said...

thanks nemo. I don't seem to run into the GPA too often so this game prompted me to take a closer look.

wang said...

A win always feels good. Your opponent misplayed the opening and you punished him for it! Bad Monkey! How dare you play lazily against me! Now you must take the walk of shame to the scorer's table and tell them what I just did to you! Ok well you probably didn't say all of that, much less think it, but it would have been cool.

If you face him again though I'm sure he would have brushed up on his GPA, so looking at it is a good idea.

Chessaholic said...

lol... thanks wang!

Now you must take the walk of shame to the scorer's table and tell them what I just did to you!

That's sort of what I was thinking after the game :) the guy had his "mentor" circle our board all game long, checking how his protege was doing.

drunknknite said...

You played the opening very well. The plan with e6 d6 Ne7 g6 Bg7 is the best set up for Black, the .

The annotation was also very good. Good explanations!

I don't like the move Rac8. This rook belongs on b8. You want to play on the b and c files, the b pawn is going away (play like the position is already open). So while moving a rook to c8 is not a bad move, it should be the rook on f8 that goes there.

I think the best move order would be 15...Rab8 16.Qd3 b5 (now you are ready to meet Rb1 with b4) and then Rfc8 to put pressure on the soon to be open c file.

Just a little note to tie this game to the other one.

Great game!

Chessaholic said...

kevin - thanks a lot! I felt good about this game, and it's nice to have it confirmed by a player of your strength.

I need to internalize what you've mentioned a few times now - play like the position is already open. With that in mind, moves like Rab8 will come to me more naturally. It's funny how I made similar wrong rook moves in both these games - I think I'm cured now :)